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About Us

Horse Transport UK is a non profit making organisation dedicated to improve and safeguard the equine transport industry. It’s a successful way to contact licensed and registered horse transporters with details of your transport needs.

Who we are

Horse Transport UK has been created to provide horse owners with an easy way to find a reputable licensed horse transporter, making sure that your horse will be expertly handled and transported safely.

What we do

Whether you need to transport a single horse or lots of horses Locally, Nationally or Internationally, by air freight, shipping, or freight forwarding the companies on our register are familiar with regulations, paperwork, and the logistics, they will be pleased to provide you with a range of quotations within a day or so, without any obligation. You can then choose which quotation suits you and contact the company to make your booking.

How it works

In order to bring you competitive quotes, we don't charge you anything. Not a penny, its free. All our efforts are designed to find you the most relevant quotes we can, which means the quote you receive is the quote we are given from horse transporters, which is the same quote you would get if you went directly to any of their sites!

Why choose Horse Transport UK

Why should you keep handing over your details to ten or twenty different websites to find a horse transporter that suits your needs?

Why spend money ringing countless horse transporters only to get a voice mail?

We have created Horse Transport UK on line service so you only enter your details once, then we give you a selection of quotes to help you make your decision.


Our Mission Statement

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