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Choosing The Right Transporter

Always try to allow yourself enough time to get quotations from different companies, ask all our your questions and get the answers for your concerns, great horse transporters will care as much as you do about the welfare of your horse.

Horse Transport UK is here to help you, our list of horse transporters are all registered and licensed with the regulating and governing bodies so you can have confidence in choosing the right horse transporter for you and your horse.

Cost should not be your highest priority! The cheapest is not always the best, what would you like a horse transporter to omit to drive costs down? Feed, hay, or water?

Your horse transporter has a duty to move your horse or pony in the safest way possible with no undue stress.

Help your horse, by getting him ready for the journey; train him if necessary so he has a comfortable journey.

Fill in the quotation form, this will be sent back to us at Horse Transport UK, we will then automatically send the details of your requested journey to the relevant horse transporters who will be able to fulfil your request, for example there’s no point sending your details to an international horse transporter, if you only want to attend a local horse show!

From the details that you have given they will be able to email, call or text you direct with their quotation.

It’s simple, It’s easy, It allows you to compare and get the best for you and your horse or pony.

And it’s absolutely free, so go ahead, take advantage of us!